Breakfast With Tiffany & Hen And Fox

The two one-act plays, a double bill of (un)romantic comedies has finished it’s run at the brand new Blue Orange Theatre.  It’s quite something to have been one of the first living playwrights performed at a theatre.

We’re moving on to Worcester Arts Workshop, Fri 6th and Sat 7th May, and finally Oldbury Rep, Fri 10th and Sat 11th June.


One thought on “Breakfast With Tiffany & Hen And Fox

  1. Friday’s show at Worcester Arts Workshop went well. The audience was full of school children dragged in by coach, but they seemed to enjoy it and the nachos from the cafe.

    My team go off at the end in seperate directions and both sides were waiting for the other side to come on for the bows. As a result, no-one did, which meant two of them were effectively stuck in a cupboard until the audience was cleared for the interval.

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