To plot or not to plot

I’ve come up with a definition of a plot.

Plot (noun)
1. What the baddies are up to.
2. The twists and turns of a story, i.e. what the Hero has to do to cope with the baddies’ plot.

I’ve been making glacial progress plotting a play I’m writing, so a couple of hours ago I gave up on that and just started writing it. Fairly exciting (to me) stuff has been appearing on the screen, unexpected and coherent, and I’ve generated about a quarter of the target word count.

I’m in the school of top-down writing in terms of theory, but there are times when you just have to get on with it really. You need some proof of concept, bottom-up writing, which suggests sections before and after perhaps, and thus meet in the middle.

What are people’s writing techniques?


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