Between Projects

March 18th, 10:26
I’m in that delicious time between projects when I could do anything. It’s usually followed by a general frustration that I’m not doing anything, but it is nice to enjoy it while it lasts. I’ve finished publishing I, Phone, my near future SF novel, which I’m happy with artisitically and is available on Amazon and Smashwords. Time will tell whether it’s a commercial success. Having paid an editor and a few other sundries, I’m still in the red, but it’s early, early days.

I also completed the first draft of the novel I was working on, a sequel to a steam-punk (ish) adventure story. I’ve never done a sequel before, so it was interesting in lots of ways. It needs to hide in a drawer for a while before I can go back to it.

So, what next?

For the publishing, my back-catalogue Roninko, a Ancient Japanese Martial Arts story, The Jacobite Rebellion, which is probably the wrong title for a modern day political thriller, and The Derring-Do Club and the Empire of the Dead, the steam-punk (ish) adventure story that has a sequel. I’m not sure which to do next: oh potential readers, what takes your fancy?

As for a new novel, I’ve ideas for something satanic, near future SF and another Derring-Do Club story. Any requests?


7 thoughts on “Between Projects

  1. Thanks to the ‘Writing West Midlands’ website, I stumbled upon your ‘I, Phone’ book, which has intrigued me enough to want a copy. It’s currently sitting in my Amazon shopping basket, patiently awaiting pay day so that it can disappear from there and materialise in my porch. 🙂

    • Very timely comment: I’ve been to the Writing West Midlands site and updated the writing group’s details. We’re now the First Thursday group again, and meet on the first thursday of the month now at the Old Joint Stock Theatre.

      As for buying books – thank you. I’ve been buying ebooks for the Kindle and that ‘one click’… oh, I’ve bought it.

  2. The Derring-Do Club!
    I have the third in my silly steampunk series to write before the year is out (just finished the second novel, Boom Town) and I’ll race you :-)!

    • Well, what are the rules of this race?

      I’m actually now no longer ‘between projects’, but some 39,000 words into a near future SF novel. But I do need to get “The Derring-Do Club” out there.

      • Rules? Rules!??! You’re a fiction writer, sirrah – make some up!
        The Derring-Do Club won’t gain fans sat on your hard drive… And I don’t want to read it on a borrowed Kindle; if you put out a paperback version, I’ll have a copy 🙂
        Another near-future SF novel? Who’d have thought? 😉

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