LitFest: self-publishing panel

I went to the recent LitFest in Moseley committed to indie publishing.  As I’d run the Saturday workshop on the subject, I had to be an evangelist.  I came away even more convinced.  Apparently we had a tweet that said we’d persuaded someone within 20 seconds.  That would have been me introducing myself, I think.

There were three of us being interviewed by Steph on the panel and from audience left to right, and in order of increasing sales, were me (cottage industry), Fiona Joseph (gives history talks and sells her books as a souvenir) and Mark Edwards (author of Amazon bestsellers including The Magpies).  The discussion really benefited from having three very different experiences represented.  Mark Edwards, for example, self-published, gained a publishing contract on the back of that success, but recently self-published again because it was quicker to get the book out.

There had been an agent on before us, who had been asked about self-publishing.  She’d talked instead about vanity publishing saying things that I realise just do not apply to the indie scene: you end up with 400 books in boxes you can’t sell, it costs a fortune and it’s mostly ebooks.  No, no, and I suppose, but paperbacks are really easy.

One of the last questions was “Would you do it again?”

“The Derring-Do Club and the Empire of the Dead will be out in November,” I said.  Selling, that’s the tricky bit, always good to get a plug in.


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