Books Ordered

I’ve just ordered copies of my new novel, The Derring-Do Club and the Empire of the Dead, and went for Priority delivery. Technically I could have just used Expediated (although Standard speed became too slow quite some time ago), but I do want to make sure I have them in plenty of time for ArmadaCon.  There does come a point when you can’t check anything else and just have to go for it.  I’ve a really nice cover from Smuzz.

DDCatEotD (Front Cover) copy

It must be a sub-clause of the Rule of Three, because having three books in my portfolio does feel like a real step up.  Less flash in the pan and more like the cooker’s on fire.


7 thoughts on “Books Ordered

    • ‘Sophomore slump’ – I’ve no idea what that means. I did define the novella as a book to get to my three, and often thought it was cheating. Now I’ve four novels and I’ve a little shelf with them all spine out to look out when I’m sitting here stuck.

      • The sophomore slump is when the second book comes out – and sinks like a stone. Often when the first book was acquired by a publisher with a lot of hoopla and ‘we discovered the next great author’ publicity.

        It is a result of the writer having LOTS of time to write the first book, or the debut novel being the ‘novel of the heart’ that the writer has been working on since he was born. Then writer gets a two- or three-book deal – and can’t deliver.

        I didn’t invent the term, I don’t think.

      • I have met a lot of authors who published book one of a trilogy to great acclaim, book two did OK, decent sales, etc, but the publishers decided that OK wasn’t good enough and passed on book three. The author is, of course, crushed, and no thought is given to the loyal readers.

      • Well, that’s the great advantage of doing it yourself.

        My plan is to combine the whole thing in a single volume or box set when I’m finished, decorate as necessary (whole-book epigraphs, etc.), and from then on expect to see mostly sales of the whole (priced attractively), rather than the parts – but we’ll see.

        With a publisher, it’s readers be damned! And the author is in a bad place, because self-publishing book 3 of a trilogy looks odd, and the rights and the marketing of the first two are tied up with a publisher that doesn’t want to waste any more time and effort on them – but will happily allow you to publish the third, and reap any sales that happen to occur.

        Getting covers that work together, or an omnibus volume then turn into total nightmares…

        Best to either 1) finish the whole trilogy before you market any of it, or 2) keep control in one’s grubby little paws.

        Me, I like to get my hands dirty.

        Plus I don’t think, for some reason, any publisher will ever be interested in Pride’s Children, so I save myself all the querying, etc. – and am going straight to print/ebook.

        I’m slow – traditional publishing would slow me down to a full stop.

      • I’ve just been writing a blog that’ll make a companion piece to your post. We must be on the same wavelength and the same distance down the wedge.

      • That is so kind of you to say – you’re FAR ahead of me on the publishing.

        I’m looking forward to your blog post.

        I will go back to writing bunches of posts I have have developed WHEN I send PC, Book 1, off to the copyright office. I miss writing posts – but this thing seems to have caught me round the neck.

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