I had a great time at Novacon, an SF convention held in Nottingham last weekend.

I launched the paperback of my book, The Other Christmas Carol, on the Friday (always nice to do something on the programme) with lots of help. John Dowd was in full costume as Father Christmas and Emjay Ameringen made an excellent Carol Christmas.  A lot of people came up to me and said they’d enjoyed it, which was gratifying.

There were two very good science talks on the Kardeshev Scale and technology trying to make SF devices. I enjoyed the panel on characters in search of an author. Ian Sorensen and Co did a musical on Doctor Who, which I think will regenerate for next year’s Eastercon.

It was all well run and friendly, as you’d expect. I drank beer, ate chips and nattered away to all and sundry. And I came away inspired, so today I’ve been playwriting.


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