I had a wonderful time down in Plymouth at ArmadaCon last weekend.  There was lots of silliness, games and interesting stuff.  I was one of the Guests of Honour and the committee made such a fuss of me.  They laid on champagne, and their own celebration of 25 years, during my book launch.  The slot was an hour and a half, which seemed long, but it just sailed by.  I also got to judge the Masquerade and help out with the Auction.  Everyone there seemed to enter into the spirit of it all.  For example, everyone seemed to be in Doctor Who related costume for the post-con meal – wonderful.

It was really good to meet my audience too.  You write in isolation, so it is really useful to touch base occasionally.  I came away fired up to finish the current work-in-progress.  We are very lucky in SF and Fantasy to have a fandom that holds conventions.  This was a good one, thanks.


One thought on “ArmadaCon

  1. Oh, and the champagne and little cakes were handed out by bunnies. Mostly male ones, so I was able to say that “bunny girl outfits are demeaning to men”.

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