Our Friend’s Electric

I’ve just had a strange experience of reality catching up with SF prediction.  I’ve been writing a near-future SF book and I popped in some window dressing.  This refers to elements that aren’t that important as such, but hopefully give it the right feel.  Like the flying cars in Blade Runner, not technically necessary, but they tell you that you are living in 2019.  I put in electric cars and had suitably technobabbling explanations.  Now these would have worked a couple of years ago, and even when I started writing the novel, but not now.  I’ve a friend who recently bought an electric car, so I rang him up and put my ideas past him.

“No, absolutely not.”

And proceeded to demolish pretty much every scene with a car in it.

So I’ve spent today uncoiling, degearing, disignitioning and non-noising the novel as well as fixing the satnav issue.

The last laugh will be mine, of course, because, despite the rolling out of electric charge points, my friend’s electric vehicle will be obsolete in less than five years: flying cars by 2019 remember.


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