Radio Times

We stopped getting the Radio Times. Pretty much every time he visited, a friend would see the Radio Times on the coffee table and say “oh, you’re the subscriber.” That wasn’t the reason we stopped. I found the magazine had become irritatingly full of spoilers in the articles about Doctor Who I was really only reading the snippets about the various films.

So, we got a tablet to do a bunch of things, play music, look at email, etc., and to replace the Radio Times. I now look at, and whittled down the channels I’m vaguely interested in to 18. I grew up when there were 3. As soon as I could I had to buy a video recorder to ensure I didn’t miss anything. There always seemed to be clashes.

You see, it’s not the Radio Times’s fault that we no longer find it useful. The magazine is, after all, not responsible for its core content. The problem is that there’s nothing on. When was the last clash? So long ago, I’ve forgotten how to set the DVD recorder.

In the past week, I’ve watched “Turks and Caicos” starring Bill Nighy on replay and “Private Schultz” starring Michael Elphick off DVD. The latter was made in 1981. (Not as good as I remember it.)

That’s it: one new programme. (OK, I have watched a few programmes on The Big Bang Theory channel and the Mock the Week channel and the Have I Got News For You channel, but only out of desperation.)

Is it me? Or is it the Pink Floyd’s 13 and Bruce Springsteen’s 57 channels at fault?


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