Spaced Out

I am somewhat spaced out, a combination of a head cold and all the menthol related substances I’ve taken to combat it.  Co-incidentally, the second Derring-Do book is off being edited, so I’ve started writing a fantasy novel, although that’s perhaps a mistake.  Will people read it and say “what was he on?”

It’s got me thinking, I can’t come up with a single film or novel where any character gets a cold – not one.  This may be due to a Soother induced fugue state.  Statistically someone ought to have gone down with something by now.  Perhaps…

  • Jack Bauer has to 24 hours to save the world and the chemists will be closed for some of that time.  He has to defuse the nuclear device not only before the countdown reaches zero, but before the Lemsip wears off.
  • James Bond can’t have his gadget because Q phoned in sick.
  • J. B. Priestly, the zombie-hunting playwright version, has a coughing fit while trying to flee the undead.

I do remember Jeff Goldblum in Into The Night, where he was affected by insomnia, and Dennis Quaid feeling a bit peeky in D.O.A., but they aren’t quite the same thing.  Everyone was a bit sniffly in Terry Nation’s The Survivors.  Can anyone think of an example?


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