Worldcon Theatre Approaches…

I am sitting amidst stuff for five plays at Worldcon.  It’s spread across in four rooms of the house.  I’m not doing five plays, just the one, but having done lots of theatre, I have lots of stuff, so I can usually answer “Do you have…” with “Er… somewhere…”.

The Cancellation and Re-imagining of Captain Tartan is on the Thursday, 10pm.  I need a few more cast for walk on parts – anyone interested?

I went into theatre at SF conventions, because I thought there ought to be more of it.  Geoff Ryman did a superb version of Gilgamesh way back at Novacon and I’m appearing on a panel about ‘SF and Theatre’ with him on a Worldcon panel, which I’m looking forward to.  Sorenson and Raines did funny plays, of course.  I wanted more.

Now there is.  It does feel a little like handing the baton on and my work here is done.


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