See It Yourself

Well, the new washing machine is going through its clean cycle.  The instructions said ‘select this and that’ except it doesn’t have this or even that.  The transit bolts took a &!**£% age to remove because it’s not just bolts, but also the plastic bit.  I’m a writer, words are important: bolts are metal, plastic bits are plastic bits.

The other issue with crawling around in confined spaces to screw things in, adjust the other and general get dirty is my reading glasses.  I’ve had to have reading glasses for a while and they are great for reading and wonderful for computer work.  (I exaggerate, they’re OK.)  However, for DIY they are a pain.  There I am, under the worksurface, trying to see the stupid screw hole and I need my glasses, but I’m looking at an odd, so they fall away from my nose and I can’t see.  I get up, carrying this whatever with my hands full, and my glasses are still on, so the whole kitchen is out of focus.  That close-distant, close-distant switching is headache inducing.  I need voice operated glasses that automatically adjust when they detect a swear word.

They also need to go completely black to prevent me seeing something else that needs doing.

The roofers are replacing the workshop roof and the main chap spotted a section of fasica that had fallen away from the main roof.  I don’t know, at the moment it’s one step forward, another back, then another back…  I’ve asked for him to quote, but it’s one of those items that require a ‘yes’.  ‘Pay bill or have water running inside the house’ isn’t really a choice.  And I want to make progress.

I have managed over 2,000 words a day on the new novel, so that’s forward movement.


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