Car Stereo

So, my car, a rather fetching, pink Honda Jazz, only had a CD player, a format that is well and truly being bypassed much like vinyl.  (I know, I know, there will be collectors who say that you can’t get the music quality from anything other than a shiny disk or what you need for that real genuine experience is a string quartet in the backseat, but, you know, I’m an SF writer, people expect me to be cutting edge.)  Also, I keep forgetting to change the CDs in the car, so my choice of music has become somewhat limited.

As I had to go to a Honda dealership anyway due to the nearly annual car recall to fix a minor electrical part that might possible, 1 time in 10 trillion, burst into flames and oh, while you are here, do you fancy a new Honda; so, while there, I asked if there was an upgrade for the stereo – nope.  Try Halfords, they said.

So, I went to Halfords and asked if there were any options.  The chap there said he had the same problem with his Honda Civic (which as he works in a car place, probably wasn’t pink), why not try a Car Audio Specialist.

I tried the nearby Car Audio Specialists and they said, no problem at all, that’ll be £120 for the kit, 2 hours work at a sucking-of-teeth price, shall we call it a reasonable £240 all in.  I thought not.  I can surely beat £240.

There were options on-line.  I should have thought of that in the first place.  I ordered one for £21, including postage from Portugal, and I set about dismantling the car and fitting it.  It took half an hour of fear and worry to take the dashboard apart, five minutes to plug it in and say ten minutes to put it all back together again.

So, £240, including two hours of expert, versus £21 and an hour of amateur.

Even if I include the aborted Plan A, which was to build the kit from scratch, is only adds £27.75 and an hour of a faffing in Maplins.  That’s only becomes £48.75 and three hours of amateur, and I have a perfectly good soldering iron, which is bound to come in useful for something.

Since my success, I’ve added a Bluetooth receiver for £11.99, so I can play anything at all from my phone while it’s still tucked inside my pocket.  Technology eh?

But, and here’s the downside, I resent having to become an expert on so many things.  I’ve added car maintenance to bricklaying, plastering, fire installation… etc, etc, etc.

I’m an Indie Publisher, so I’m also an editor, proof reader, cover designer, copy editor, accountant, marketing director (thinking of firing myself from that one), lawyer, CEO, the poor  intern who makes the tea and so on and on.  I want to be a writer.


7 thoughts on “Car Stereo

  1. Excellent! I know it takes time, but think of it as a useful way to keep the little brain cells shirping happily, making new connections, and staving off Alzheimer’s by creating MORE synapses because you’re bound to lose some.

    Learning is one of the things that go.

    Having just had a similar adventure forcing my shiny new .mobi files through all kinds of incantations so I can push a button on Scrivener, do a MINIMUM of hand coding, and have my epigraphs right indent (don’t ask), and having spent the weekend learning to make tools do what they were never designed for (and sending thank you emails to those wonderful folk who make something, and then throw it up on the internet for others to use), I am happy.

    All I have to do now is EDIT the blasted thing, and a few minor little things like use Scrivener ANOTHER way it was not expressly designed for (creating STYLES such as WORD has, without, shudder, going through Word and getting messed up HTML randomly scattered through my ebooks), I have to say this DIY publishing is very good for the mind.

    Time consuming as all get out, but ultimately mind-preserving.

    Congratulations on your new music – from one who hasn’t gotten around to changing the CDs in the car (6 CDs – I acquired a vehicle with a changer) in as long as I can remember. I don’t drive much – interspersed with four-hour trips in which I sing to the same CDs roundtrip, loud, and, I like to think, melodiously (being alone in the car).

    Now could you please come do mine?

    • Could I do yours? Depends on the car, I suppose. Worth doing, quite a joy listening to new stuff on a recent long drive.

      Very true about learning stuff too, but I hate the learning curve. For Word to HTML and thence ebook’s .mobi files, I wrote my own programme. Slow, but I added bits to check various things as it goes.

  2. May I recommend Scrivener, and the one-step automated ebook process I recently worked out for myself? It is amazing – make a change to your text, push the button (AFTER you learn to set up the Compile option, of course, but there is help online), and NO handcoding unless you want a tiny bit more (I wanted right indents on my quotes and text inclusions). I just blogged about it – and I am please as punch with the results – and the simplicity.

    • Oh, and as for you doing my car stereo – all I really have to do is learn to program my ipod, and then plug it in to the little audio jacks provided in my car – I just haven’t gotten around to it! It’s supposed to be VERY easy.

      • There is a learning curve, especially for someone whose brain doesn’t work (like me). But after struggling with Word (and I was GOOD at it), the couple of months I spent moving everything into Scrivener and learning it (type Scrivener into the search box on my blog for some of the details) have paid off orders of magnitude, and ESPECIALLY with how I set up the whole ebook thing (I had to go for the extras – that’s me) in less than two weeks was awesome.

        YMMV – and I am a long-term Mac user. It’s available for PC, but is you write on a Mac, it is like candy.

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